Everything You Need To Know About Tigne Point Rentals Is Here


My name is Lisa and welcome to my site about Tigne Point rentals of apartments in Sliema, Malta.

Let me explain a few things about the area to help you decide whether it is a location that might be appropriate for you.

The history
Tigne Point is loved for it’s views of Valletta and the impressive defensive architecture of the city walls. This close proximity and the clear line of sight were the reasons for the Point’s original use. During the Great Siege of Valletta in 1565, cannons were pointed across the water help capture Fort St Elmo.

Later, in 1792, the Knights themselves used the Point to build their own fortress as a part of their defences. Unfortunately, this has fallen into disrepair and is now part of a redevelopment plan which is partly funded by the European Union. There was a barracks on the site (built by the British military) but that was demolished in 2001.

Valletta skyline from Tigne Point

Depending upon where you happen to be stood, Tigne Point has some fabulous views. There are obviously the iconic views of Valletta, but also inland towards Sliema and Manoel Island. From the other side, there is a view straight out into the Mediterranean Sea. It can be an incredible view during the day and at sunrise and a dark void at night, both eerie and amazing at the same time.

After the barracks were demolished, work began pretty quickly on what is now the Tigne Point complex. A Maltese company, quoted on the stock exchange, Midi Malta, is responsible for the development and have made excellent work of the many projects. For this reason, many Maltese will refer to the area as “Midi” or simply “The Point”. In total the development will cost around 600 million euros and it shows – it is luxurious!

Spending money
The development of the complex has taken many years, but so much has been achieved and the area has been transformed. Apart from the living areas, there is a cinema, an underground car park and a football pitch (it is the training ground for Sliema Wanderers). The shopping complex, “The Point”, is the largest shopping mall on the island and is home to a wide variety of brand name stores such as Nike, Guess, United Colors of Benetton, Debenhams, Mango, Massimo Dutti and many more. In short, if you want to look fashionable, it is the place to shop in Malta. Happily, the shops close at 7.30pm, so there isn’t much disruption to residents in the evening.

A cafe in Pjazza Tigne

No shopping mall experience would be complete and so there are both snack shops, specialty foods and one restaurant. For those that would like to dine with fewer passers by, there are opportunities all around. On the very edge of the Point are The Chophouse and La Cucina Del Sole. Both cater to a more discerning clientele and boast the wonderful view of Valletta.

On the Sliema side stands the Fortina hotel. This is a multi-starred (5 and 4) establishment with a wide range of very nice restaurants and bars inside that cater to both holidaymakers and locals alike. I personally believe that you won’t eat badly in any of them – I never have. If you plan to become a local, the Fortina Hotel’s Diamond Club will be well worth joining – it provides discounts in some of the restaurants and access to parts of the hotel.

Just a few minutes walk further and you will be on The Strand in Sliema. There are a number of restaurants, bars and cafes to choose from. A number of these cafes form a vital part of the Maltese social scene.. There are several – especially La Rive – where it is important to see and be seen if you are Maltese.

Close to work
Obviously, everything in Malta is relatively nearby. Yet, for some companies, the surroundings of the area are conducive to work. There are a number of companies located in the Tigne Point office block. Don’t be afraid, this isn’t a block with thousands of staff, it is not intrusive. It does, however, add a little extra cache to the address.

A lifestyle
All of these benefits make the Piazza Tigne a real centre for life and fun in Malta. It stands to reason then that there are real benefits to living nearby…

The apartments have been built in “phases” to use the development lingo. The early phases concentrated on the seafront properties that overlooked Valletta. As the years have passed, the later developments have enveloped the area, providing a safe and secure feel.

When you walk around the area, it will become clear that the buildings are securely fenced and gated. While this is both for privacy and security it needs to be said that there is very little crime in the area and so as a resident of Tigne Point you really ought to feel safe. There are a number of apartments owned by people that visit rarely and keep them as an investment or official residence. These people seem to have no fear of leaving their properties – in real estate “lingo” they lock and leave.

Something else worth noting is that you will be walking. The traffic has been routed underground – to the car park and to the shopping centre – leaving the ground level quiet and safe from both drivers and pollution. Pjazza Tigne really is a safe and clean environment.

Valletta facing apartmentsIn total there are some 200 north facing apartments (looking out to sea) and 240 south facing (with views of Valletta and some internal garden and communal areas).

There can be little doubt that Tigne Point is the high-point of luxury apartments in Malta. The various developments contain some truly stunning properties. To be fair, in some apartments, luxury isn’t a strong enough word!

Needless to say, luxury Tigne Point rentals are not cheap. The properties have been snapped up by buyers over the years, with many housing permanent residents and some available to let. Some of the apartments are used for investment and their owners “lock and leave” them knowing that they will be safe and secure.

The properties to let command high, but generally realistic, prices. For the largest and best appointed flats, monthly rental prices in excess of 3,000 euros are common. These prices are quite reasonable for the value on offer when compared to some of the other upper market property developments in Malta.

Something that those behind the scenes at Midi Malta do very well is to create unique living spaces. The apartments are all slightly different and when sold they all have unique features that provide for a very classy lifestyle. Many of the Pjazza Tigne properties boast smooth, clean, minimalist spaces and designs that feel very Swedish at first glance.

The buildings all contain excellent lifts and many have staircases that make use of the excellent views. Most apartments also come with the option of either none, one or two parking spaces (in Malta – and especially in Sliema – these are like gold dust!). Needless to say, all Tigne Point apartments contain centralised air conditioning and heating systems. Some of the duplex and triplex apartments contain quite amazing terraces and infinity pools. There really can’t be many other luxury developments with apartments to rent like this in the world.

This is to be expected. A quick glance at the sales area of the website shows the price range of properties as being between 210,000 and 2 million euros. Here in Malta, 2 million buys quite a property!

Luckily, as a tenant, it is possible to benefit from the luxury living and seafront views at a much more affordable monthly cost. This fabulous lifestyle can be yours – and you don’t need to buy.

In case you need any more proof that this really is a special property development, it won the 2011 Best Mixed Use Development at the European Property Awards in Mayfair, London.

Obviously, there is a relatively limited number of properties in Tigne Point1 and as a rule, there are not too many apartments for rent available at any one time. This means that it might be necessary to view several properties over the course of a few days or weeks as they come and go from the market. One thing is certain, these properties rent quite quickly, so fast decision making skills might be required if you see something that you like.

If you would like to be shown around the currently available Tigne Point apartment rentals, it will be my pleasure. I’ll do my best to explain much more to you when we meet.

Until then, best wishes,

Lisa Inglis
Property Consultant

(I spend almost all of my days out in the car with clients, so the easiest way to reach me quickly is to email my business partner, Stuart, who helps me sort through my list of jobs. Email him at stuart123567@gmail.com. Thank you.)